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Our bot scans Bittrex and Binance using various Technical Analysis indicators to find awesome trading opportunities.


LunarSatoshi has a large Discord community of crypto traders working together to find the best trades.
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Expert Community Leaders

Whether you're new to crypto trading or a veteran, our expert team of community leaders are here to guide you.


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What our users say

Real testimonies from LunarSatoshi subscribers.

The BOT Calls are amazing. Great tight knit community of traders full of knowledge and even better alerts. I've personally seen gains of over 50% on coins but average around 15% per day scalping. Don't even question if it's worth it or not.

  • Maschine
  • @maschine

High quality community with superior technology. My top 3 picks came from LunarSatoshi!

  • Darooster
  • @daRooster

I will say the BEST part of the bot is there is god knows how many coins on Bittrex/Binance. Its extremely hard to look through all of them to find one that may be destined to pump soon. The bot pumps them out...

  • Discord green
  • @BiggestDummieEver